Tips to improve your short game

3 Surprising Tips that will Boost Your Short Game

Get to know gravity. You don’t always need to use your club to get a feel for your short game. Greg Norman recommends setting your wedge aside and taking some time to understand how your ball reacts to both gravity … Read MoreRead More

Captured on Camera: Farewell Celebration

Thank you to everyone who came to our April 9th Farewell Celebration! Complimentary Hors oeuvres and wine, games, music and fireworks - all were enjoyed from the lawn on the driving range. Please enjoy a moment of the fun and … Read More

Look Back to Our Welcome Back Celebration

We are looking forward to our April 9th Farewell Celebration and sure hope you’ll be able to join us! Complimentary Hors oeuvres and wine, games, music and fireworks, all enjoyed from the lawn on the driving range. Bring your lawn … Read More

Success Tips: Playing Golf on a Windy Day

Ideally, every day on the course would be balmy and calm, with no winds to sabotage your perfect shot. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes you need to adjust your golfing strategy to combat Mother Nature. Playing on … Read MoreRead More

Loving golf at The Golf Club at La Quinta

5 Brand New Must-Reads for Golf Lovers

If you can’t get enough of golf, here are a few new and upcoming books to help satisfy your cravings when you can’t get to the green! … Read More

The greens at The Golf Club at La Quinta

Golf Etiquette: On the Green

This week marks the end of our series on golf etiquette. You can read the last two entries on general rules and course care here and here.  The short game can be one of the most complicated parts of golf, and … Read MoreRead More

Golf Etiquette: Course Care

Golf Etiquette: Course Care

Without the golf course, there could be no golf. A good golf course is a work of art, carefully planned out and maintained to provide you with a great game and some wonderful scenery. With hundreds of golfers playing on … Read More

Golf Etiquette 101

Golf Etiquette 101

Golf is a social game. It’s meant to be enjoyed with a group, and even if you’re moving through the course alone, you’re still sharing it with dozens of other people. So it’s important to follow a few simple rules … Read MoreRead More

Golf Club at La Quinta Smartphone App is Here!

The Golf Club at La Quinta Smartphone App is Here!

You may have heard some of the buzz around the green. It’s true – The Golf Club at La Quinta is launching a brand new smartphone app to help you get the most out of your club experience! By downloading … Read MoreRead More

Golfing Injury Prevention Tips

Golfing Injury Prevention Tips

We tend to talk a lot about skill-building when it comes to golf – improving your short game, powering up your drive, avoiding slicing. These things are important, but it’s also important to know how to play in order to … Read MoreRead More