Golf Etiquette: On the Green

Summer is officially here! We've rounded up some tips to get you ready to play all summer:

  1. Carefully choose the best time to play. Especially during the summer, schedule your tee time at first light when the temperatures are still mild (as compared with midday) so that you finish your round before it starts to get uncomfortable.
  2. Stay hydrated. David Donatucci, the PGA of America’s former director of fitness, advises golfers to drink at least five ounces of water on every tee box. This is about four bottles of water during an 18-hole round.
  3. Drink before you feel thirsty and drink cool water, not cold. Your body absors cool water faster than cold water.
  4. Wear a Visor. Did you know a visor is better for you than a hat during the summer heat? Since most of your body heat escapes through your head, you trap all of that heat in when you wear a hat. A visor allows the heat to escape and protects your face from the sun.
  5. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Select clothing that is light colored and allows air to circulate but still protects you from the sun. Be sure to wear light colored clothes and shorts. The lighter colors are better because reflect more of the sun´s rays unlike dark colors which will absorb them and pass the heat towards yourself
  6. Bring extra towels or a specially designed cooling towel.

  7. Bring extra gloves. Be sure to pack some backup gloves to help your grip from becoming too loose when your hands start to perspire. You can hang the extra glove on the outside of your bag to allow it to dry.

  8. Bring oil free sunscreen. An oil free sunscreen with a high SPF will ensure you are protected from the sun's rays and will keep your hands from being greasy.

  9. Use an umbrella for shade. Consider bringing an umbrella which can help keep you much cooler.


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