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If you can’t get enough of golf, here are a few new and upcoming books to help satisfy your cravings when you can’t get to the green!

  1. The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons from the Best Golf Swings in History by Brandel Chamblee

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee makes his publishing debut with this illustrated guide to developing a perfect swing. In this book, Chamblee takes a scientific and technical approach to golf instruction, breaking down the common swing positions, grips, footwork, backswings, and follow-throughs of some of the greatest golfers in history and teaches readers how they can incorporate these winning techniques into their own game. He also takes the time to address some common myths and misconceptions have been keeping many golfers from unlocking their swing’s potential. We are looking forward to reading this one!   Release date: March 29, 2016.

  1. Your Putting Solution by James Sieckmann with David DeNunzio

You may have already read last year’s widely praised Your Short Game Solution. In this follow-up manual, James Sieckmann takes the same approach that he uses with his Tour clients and outlines the four essential skills that will guarantee a good putt, even without flawless mastery of the mechanics – choosing the correct line, starting your ball on that line, matching the line with appropriate speed, and being confident in your training. Sieckmann’s comprehensive, step-by-step process for mastering these four crucial skills promises to take your putting to a whole new level. Release date: March 1, 2016.

  1. 12 No-Nonsense Ways to Lower Your Golf Score: Real Advice for the Everyday Player by Jon Sherman

Maybe you’re a more casual golfer, or a beginner who wants to improve their game but doesn’t want to get too bogged down with overly technical explanations. This simple, straightforward guide looks at techniques and strategies that will help you improve your game and practice more effectively. Conveniently available in a Kindle edition! Available now.

  1. USGA Golf Rules Illustrated: The Official Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Golf by the USGA.

The USGA Golf Rules Illustrated is an essential reference book by the global leader and governor of the game. The 192-page tome contains a comprehensive list of all of the rules of golf as revised January 16th, 2016. The book examines every situation that a player may encounter, gives examples of rules in action, and includes a Frequently Asked Questions section to address common issues. A handy guide for both new and experienced players! Available now.

  1. Out of the Rough: Inside the Ropes with the World’s Greatest Golfers by Steve Williams

Once you’ve finished the how-to guides and have gotten your game up to speed, kick back and relax with this highly-anticipated biography written by one of the most successful caddies in modern golf. Not only has Williams worked with some of golfing’s biggest names, he spent 13 years caddying for Tiger Woods - and helping him win 80 tournaments. If you’ve ever wanted to get an insider’s look at the careers of some of the greatest names in golf, or to fully understand the importance of having a top-notch caddie during a high-stakes major tournament, then be sure to pick up this book. Release date: March 29, 2016.

Put what you’ve read to the test! Book your next tee time and share with us your favorite must-read for golfers!

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