Annual Pass Program

Annual Pass Booking Policies

Annual Pass Holders will have access to book tee times 12½ days in advance.

Note: Times are blocked out for Monday Men’s Club, Tuesday Ladies’ Club and outside group bookings in advance of 12½ day booking restrictions.

ALL Golf Club at La Quinta Rules and Regulations apply to the conduct of any guest or patron.

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1)   Annual Pass is valid from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013.

2)   Annual Pass Holders will be allowed to book a maximum of 1 tee time per reservation per day per Pass Holder.

3)   Annual Pass Holder’s guests may purchase a Golf Club @ La Quinta Player’s Card[1] and play for the lowest available rate.

4)   A $20 fee, per player, will be collected for annual Pass Holders’ guests using additional Golf Club @ La Quinta carts.

5)   Annual Pass Holders will have full access to book the first eight tee times of the day.

6)   To facilitate the reservation process, Annual Pass Holders and homeowners may call in or book in the golf shop after 3:00 p.m. the day prior to 14 days in advance. Every day of the week, the first eight tee times of the day, as well as any time after 11:30 will be available for booking. Three days prior to the day of play, and after 3:00 p.m., 2013 Annual Golf Pass Holders may call in or book in the golf shop any tee time available. Priority will be given to in-person requests.

7)   Annual Pass Holders may book with no time of day restrictions IF they have two or more guests paying either the homeowner rate or the Players Card Rate (provided they have joined the Player?s Card program).

8)   Cancellation of tee time reservations for Annual Pass Holders must be no later than 3:00 p.m. three days prior to the day of play. Late cancellations will be charged the reservation’s lowest prevailing rate to the credit card on file if the tee time goes unused.

9)   First offense for late cancellation: Pass Holder is charged lowest prevailing rate for the unused reservation. Second offense: Pass Holder charged reservation’s prevailing posted rate. Third offense: Pass Holder charged reservation’s prevailing posted rate and annual pass privileges suspended for 30 days. Four or more late cancellations: Pass Holder is charged the reservation’s prevailing rack rate and annual pass privileges are suspended 90 days.

10)  All golfers will start in the order of their reserved tee time in case of frost delays or other unforeseen events.

Definition of a Couple

A couple is defined as any two people who are legally married, or recognized by the state of California as a cohabitating couple. Non-married Couples must reside in the same residence.

Golf Course Rules and Regulations

All Golf Club at La Quinta Rules & Regulations are on file in the golf shop.

Practice Facility Access

The pitching green and putting green are open to guests and Trilogy Community members from just after dawn until one hour prior to sunset most days of the year. The practice facility is projected to be open at 6:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays the practice facility is closed for golf course maintenance at 2:00 p.m. Annual Pass Holders have unlimited access to the practice facility when it is designated as open.

Events & Outings

The Annual Pass be used to play in Men’s or Ladies’ Club events when they are on those clubs’ designated play-days. At times, there will be club-organized events in which The Golf Club will allow Annual Pass Holders to use their pass in lieu of a greens fee.

Termination of Annual Pass Package

The Golf Club at La Quinta reserves the right to suspend the privileges of any Pass Holder at any time at the sole discretion of the General Manager. Consistently poor behavior and violation of proper conduct may result in termination of the offender’s Annual Pass.

Questions or Disputes

Any comments, concerns, or disputes should be addressed directly to the General Manager.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

The Golf Club at La Quinta recognizes that the list of Terms & Conditions above is by no means exhaustive, and is not intended as such. Further-more, changes to these Terms & Conditions may be made from time to time to ensure appropriate operation of the club. All changes, additions, or omissions to these Terms & Conditions will be made at the sole discretion of the General Manager of the Club, and will be communicated in a timely manner as appropriate.

Note: Medical or other conditions that may restrict a Pass Holder’s ability to play golf will not be cause for monetary credit or refunds.

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Three digit security code that appears on the card _____________________

Name as it appears on the credit card_______________________________

*Credit Card Number must be active for late fee cancellations or Annual Membership will be suspended until updated.

[1] Cards may be purchased at the Pro Shop for $99 and include the first round free and other benefits.