Tips to improve your short game

Get to know gravity. You don’t always need to use your club to get a feel for your short game. Greg Norman recommends setting your wedge aside and taking some time to understand how your ball reacts to both gravity and the green. Greg once spent an entire day tossing golf balls from multiple positions towards multiple targets, noting how they behaved as they landed. Using a stiff-wristed, underhanded throw will give you some insight into how firm your wrist should be during chipping, and mixing up the speed and trajectory of your tosses will help you understand what will work best once you’re holding your club again.

Get your game face on. While you might assume that the path of your stroke is the part of your putt with the largest influence on where your ball will go, that’s not the case. Professional goal coach and former NASA scientist Dave Pelz has done decades of research into the mechanics of a putt – his research shows that the angle of your putter’s face is more important than your stroke path when it comes to hitting your target. Face angle is responsible for 87% of the starting line, compared to 17% for putter path direction!

Don’t be afraid to speed up. When it comes to a soft or soggy lie, many golfers tend to go for a slower swing because they don’t know how their ball will react on that sort of surface.  Pro golfer Stan Utley says that this is the wrong way to go: “Set up with the ball two to three inches in front of center, and unhinge your wrists aggressively on the downswing while keeping your right palm pointed upward—that keeps the bounce on the bottom of the club pointed down. If you let your wrists roll over and turn the clubface down, you’ll dig the leading edge into the ground and lose all your speed. Just unhinge your wrists and give it some speed, as if you were trying to skip a rock all the way across a pond.”

Hopefully, these tips will help you knock off a few strokes. Put what you’ve learned into practice! Call the Pro Shop at (760) 771-0707 to book your next tee time!


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